EU Youth Sounding Board

Europe Direct Curaçao Youth Sounding board


Youth empowerment is a top priority for Europe Direct Curaçao, especially in 2022:
The European Year of the Youth. EU Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen, and the EU believes that young people must be involved in shaping and implementing its external action.

The Youth Sounding Board aims to create a real, fundamental, long-lasting change in how the EU engages with young people in its development cooperation. Europe Direct Curaçao believes that the Caribbean youth should have the opportunity now to shape the future and give input into their priorities give awareness to it, and take actions on it, with support of Europe Direct Curaçao.


Youth Sounding Board is a space for young people in the Caribbean to have an influence on the EU’s external action through its international partnerships.
Playing an advisory role to Europe Direct Curaçao, the Board of leaders of the Youth Sounding Board will help make EU action more participatory, relevant and
effective for young people in the Caribbean OCT’s in general, specifically in Curaçao.

“The decisions we make today will determine our world tomorrow. Young people must have their say.” – EU Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen




initial group consists out of Caribbean youngsters that have had an initial affinity with Europe or European topics. Caribbean Youth that have participated
in Europe Direct Curaçao events, have done internship in Europe or were able to participate in internship in European Organization or in the EU Youth week.
This initial group consist(ed) out of 7 members, of which three have been selected to be the leaders in direct communication and follow up with Europe
Direct Curaçao as President of the Youth Sounding Board (Khaliq Donker) Vice President (Sue- Shantely Lourens) and Secretary (Gyonne Frans)

The other members of the sounding board are currently:

–   River Fa Si Oen
      Luis Gonzalez
–    Cristina Mendez
      Yanina Urbaez Urbaez


will be at least four Board meetings per year, either online or in person if the situation allows. Members will also respond to ad-hoc issues and requests.
The Youth Sounding Board leaders will attend frequent meetings with Europe Direct Curaçao in order to have direct communication and feedback on the youth
input in events. Participation in the Youth Sounding Board is voluntary and unpaid.

Through their work, members will build links with similar structures and existing youth initiatives at international, regional and country level, both in the EU and in the partner countries. They will aim to represent the views of as wide a range of young people as possible, by reaching out to young people within and beyond their networks to gather their opinions and views.


Are you interested in supporting Europe Direct Curaçao Youth
Sounding Board?

Members, youth living in Curaçao or the other Dutch Caribbean OCT’s that wish to be part in giving their input, supporting the Europe Direct Youth Sounding Board, are invited to express their interest by e-mail:

ED-Curacao Youth Sounding Board